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Mehmood Y, Saleem N, Syed MAli, Hanif S. Application of UV spectrophotometric method for easy and rapid estimation of sulfasalazine in pharmaceutical formulation (suspension). Pharmaceutical Methods. 2017;8(1):36-39.
Okoye EInnocent, Lawal ORafiat. Comparative assessment of price and quality of liquid antacids in Nigeria: a beacon of informed choice for Gastroenterologists and Obstetricians. Pharmaceutical Methods. 2017;8(1):54-61.
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Bobade PSudhir, Ganorkar SBaburaoji. Establishing Pharmaceutical Brand Variability for Bisoprolol Fumarate and Hydrochlorothiazide Combinations: As an applied Q-absorbance Spectrophotometry. Pharmaceutical Methods. 2017;8(1):40-44.
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Yousaf H, Jamshaid M, Bashir I, Mehmood Y. Formulation development of Glipizide matrix tablet using different proportion of natural and semi synthetic polymers. Pharmaceutical Methods. 2017;8(1):45-53.
Gopalakrishna RNelligare, Bannimath G, Huded SPrasad. Herb-drug Interaction: Effect of Poly-Herbal Formulation on Glibenclamide Therapy in Patients with Type-2 Diabetes Mellitus. Pharmaceutical Methods. 2017;8(1):62-70.
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Rajput AP, Edlabadkar AP. An Inclusive Review on Analytical Methods for Ritonavir in Various Pharmaceutical and Biological Matrix. Pharmaceutical Methods. 2017;8(2):149-159.
Gupta R, Mishra AKumar, Pathak AKumar. Modification in the Approach of Developing Solid Dispersed Particles for Enhanced Dissolution. Pharmaceutical Methods. 2017;8(2):108-114.
Kale ASubhash, Patil ASurendra, Paikrao HMadhukarra. A modified TLC bioautographic technique for the detection of antilithiatic potential of therapeutic plants from Indigenous Ayurvedic System. Pharmaceutical Methods. 2017;8(1):71-74.
Saroj N, Rawat P, Rathour P, Saroj LMani, Kumar R. Preparation and Evaluation of Sustained Release Colon Targeted Micropellets of Lornoxicam. Pharmaceutical Methods. 2017;8(2):75-80.
Venkateswarlu K, Babu CNaresh, Triveni S, Kiran BSiva Sai. Preparation of Transdermal Films of Nifedipine: Ex-vivo and In-vitro Studies. Pharmaceutical Methods. 2017;8(2):144-148.
Bossunia MTarikul Is, Urmi KFarjana, Shaha CKumar. Quality-By-Design Approach to Stability Indicating RP-HPLC Analytical Method Development for Estimation of Canagliflozin API and Its Validation. Pharmaceutical Methods. 2017;8(2):92-101.
Konari SNiroush, Jacob JT, Prakash V. Stability Indicating UV Spectrophotometric Method For Linagliptin and Metformin in Pharmaceutical Dosage Form. Pharmaceutical Methods. 2017;8(2):121-126.
Nagavi JBahubali, Gurupadayya B. Stability-indicating UFLC method for uncoupling and estimation of impurities in clopidogrel, aspirin and omeprazole in their tablet dosage form using PDA detection. Pharmaceutical Methods. 2017;8(1):22-30.
Wal A, Srivastava Rshyam, Rai AKumar, Wal P, Tiwari R. Synthesis and Evaluation of Antipsychotic Compounds from Lupeol. Pharmaceutical Methods. 2017;8(2):81-86.
Srinivasa MSriram, Chandan RShivanna, Koganti VSairam. Validated RP-UFLC Method Development of Paclitaxel in Pure and Pharmaceutical Dosage Form. Pharmaceutical Methods. 2017;8(1):17-21.
Khan MMujeeb Gul, Shirkhedkar AArun. Validated Stability-indicating NP-HPTLC/Densitometry Method for the Assay of Zolpidem Tartrate in Pharmaceutical Dosage Form. Pharmaceutical Methods. 2017;8(2):87-91.