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Welcome to Pharmaceutical Methods

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Pharmaceutical Methods,2010,1,1,1.
Published:October 2010

Welcome to Pharmaceutical Methods

Ambrose Furey

Department of Chemistry, Cork Institute of Technology Rossa Ave., Bishopstown, Cork, Ireland


I would like to welcome you to the first edition of Pharmaceutical Methods, my name is Ambrose Furey and I am a natural product chemist with a speciality in mass spectrometry and with an interest in matters pertaining to quality assurance and method validation in the regulatory environment.

As you can see from the diverse array of articles in this first issue, the journal aims to be of broad scope and is intended to stimulate innovation in all matters pertinent to the pharmaceutical area. The journal aims to publish a diverse and interesting mix of articles ranging from approaches to drug development strategies, to analysis of key components and contaminants, to validation strategies and also new approaches to the setting up or the development of QA management systems. Therefore, this journal will provide a forum for sharing interesting and valuable information among those associated with the pharmaceutical industry and those in academia.