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Ion-pair spectrophotometric estimation of gemifloxacin

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Pharmaceutical Methods,2012,3,1,26-30.
Published:January 2012
Type:Original Article

Ion-pair spectrophotometric estimation of gemifloxacin

Satyabrata Sahu, Saroj Kumar Patro1, Una Laxmi Narayan2, Bamakanta Garnaik3

Dadhichi College of Pharmacy, Cuttack, 1Institute of Pharmacy and Technology, Salipur, 2Indira Gandhi Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Bhubaneswar, 3Department of Chemistry, Berhampur University, Berhampur, Odisha, India


Introduction: The main objective was to develop and validate a simple, accurate, precise, and sensitive ion-pair spectrophotometric extraction method for the assay of gemifloxacin mesylate (GFX) in pure, tablets and spiked human urine. Materials and Methods: The method is based upon the reaction of gemifloxacin with methyl orange, forming a yellow-colored complex in acidic medium, which is extracted in chloroform and analyzed. The extracted complexes showed absorbance maxima (λmax) found to be at 427 nm. Results: Beer’s law was obeyed for a wide concentration range, i.e., 10–80 μg/ mL as the extracted species seemed well defined and stable. The surface or an interphase adsorption phenomenon was not a problem. Optimization of the reaction was carried out with factors such as buffer strength, stability of complex, and molar ratio of drug: Dye and extraction time. The proposed method was validated as per the ICH guidelines. The recovery studies confirmed the accuracy and precision of the method. Conclusion: The above-mentioned method was a rapid tool for routine analysis of GFX in the bulk and pharmaceutical dosage forms.

The UV spectrum of gemifloxacin